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Kurzfilm: Pathlights

December 2, 2009

Zachary Slusers Kurzfilm “Pathlights” steht gerade exklusiv eine Woche zum Anschauen bei David Lynch Foundation Television online, bevor die Geschichte 2010 durch die Filmfestivals tourt.

Snip von der Seite:

Bobby (John Hawkes) is the voice of pulpy detective serials on audio, as well as the automated answering service of a tree cutting company. One day, when walking his dogs in the Pasadena arroyo, a bottle falls from the sky, almost hitting him. Bobby decides, based on the obscure brand of beer, to trace down the culprit. Path Lights is a thought provoking, comedy-noir that puts a human spin on the tradition of detective hero films. The film is based on Tom Drury’s New Yorker short story and has been adapted for the screen by Tom Drury and director Zachary Sluser.

Anschauen:  Pathlights

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