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Josh Woodward

October 19, 2009


Josh Woodward hat seine gesamte Diskographie unter Creative Commons veröffentlicht. Das bedeutet im Klartext ganze 8 kostenlose Platten voller verträumter Indie-Pop-Rock/Acoustic/Songwriter Folk Musik auf qualitativ höchstem Niveau.

Gerade erst hat er die Lizenz sogar zu Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 geändert, das erklärt er folgendermaßen:

“You’re welcome to use my music, free of charge for your projects. This includes movies, ads, podcasts, YouTube videos, karaoke, background music for your grandma’s 90th birthday celebration, anything. There’s no problem using them for commercial purposes. You can use them as is – instrumental or regular, or you can hack them apart to use in your songs or projects.

What’s the catch? Just one: you need to provide attribution. A simple mention of my name and the song title in the credits, with a bonus if you give my website URL. If for some reason this isn’t practical, it’s possible to arrange a paid license for my music through Jamendo.”

Reinhören lohnt aufjedenfall so richtig.


Josh Woodward Discography

[via Catching The Waves]
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